An afternoon with @swankandroche

We chatted to Nerelle and Rochelle from @swankandroche to find out their Kinnon go-to pieces and afternoon rituals...

Kingsley carryall + laptop bag

1. What are your favourite Kinnon pieces?
As corporate girls who both work a 9-5, we can’t go past a classic Kingsley laptop bag! Working a 9-5 and a 5-9 means that organization is key, so the Stark laptop sleeve and Henson tech case is a perfect match for us. That being said, we love a bit of travel and that’s where the Oxley overnight comes in! So spacious and looks stylish too. 


2. Your favourite travel destination?
The list is endless, we both love the sunshine, so we can’t go past a tropical destination. Think European summer, crystal clear waters and relaxing in the sunshine. There are so many international tropical destinations we love and so many on our bucket list too but we're pretty lucky to live in a country that has this all right on its doorstep too.


3. What do your afternoons look like?

After finishing work, we’re usually straight to 5-9 mode. This is could involve anything from planning or shooting content, replying to emails, and catching up on life admin all whilst trying our best to make time to relax and unwind. If our schedules allow it, we love to sit down for a cup of tea with the family or maybe go for a walk or workout!


4. Handbag essentials?
In our handbags you’ll always find lip balms and probably our phone, that’s if it’s not in our hands!

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