WFH styling tips from interior stylist, Mel Chatfield

Working from home can take a lot of self discipline.  Being in a space you love can make it a lot easier.  We've called on our resident expert and favourite interior stylist, Mel Chatfield, to share her top tips to create a space that gets your creativity flowing.

Say hello...

I'm Mel Chatfield, Interior Stylist @charchi____. Founder of Charchi Studios and Educator at The Design School in Melbourne.

What’s your design style/personal design aesthetic?

It's all about the feels. Touch excites me. Textures, layers, organic forms. I need to feel it deep in my soul. Raw, organic, imperfections that speak a thousand stories. I love colour, but more of a muddy girl than bold and flamboyant. Quite minimal, yet always warm and inviting.

What are your top tips to be productive working from home?

Set up a workspace in natural light, open a window for fresh air, background music to calm the soul, check in on loved ones and most importantly take time to breathe and stretch.

What’s on your desk?

Ceramics (my Nat Rosin ceramics were gifted to me by a beautiful friend and make me smile), books, my Kinnon Harley compendium for journaling and moments of inspiration, crystals (currently feeling my rose quartz), vision boards, gratitude quotes, burning sage, salt lamp, am: ginger and lemon tea / pm: wine.

What's keeping you calm amongst the current madness?

The ocean, breathing, learning, gratitude notes. Take this time to learn something new you've always wanted to. Idillionaire is an app that keeps me grounded when life tries to test you and boy does it ever.


Daily motivation, inspiration, spiritual insight and love. It has a way of sending me inspiration just when I am needing it most. Alignment.

How do you relax?

Journaling. Writing calms my mind, keeps me real and sets me back on track to what's important. Every night my kids and I each write down one thing we are grateful for, for the day. We keep it in our gratitude jar to visit in the future.

What Kinnon piece can’t you live without?

Oh geez, I honestly think I have them all and love them all. I'd have to say that my three go-to's are my Oxley overnight bag, Raleigh pocket and my newby that I am loving in my bathroom, the Karlin Toiletry Bag.

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