Working From Home with Kinnon

Adjusting to the unfamiliar world of home-offices and Zoom conference calls can be challenging. From securing the right space, finding the best lighting and nailing the all-important chair to desk height ratio.

We all face different household dynamics in unique settings however, many of the underlying working from home difficulties that we face can in fact unite us all.

So, without further ado welcome to Kinnon’s working from home bible to help you adjust to the world of working remotely. 


  1. Perfect your set-up

Spend time creating your office space being conscious of location and do not underestimate the power of natural lighting. Utilise a space away from others and away from places that you associate with relaxation/sleep… step away from the bed and couch. Fill that printer up with ink, detangle your cords and invest in quality desk organisation to promote work productivity. The simple inclusion of a pot plant, Tech Cords and a Tech Case will make you adore your little space and reduce time wasted sorting working materials. Don’t forget that a little extra effect goes a long way when it comes to creating the space that you will be spending most of your time over the coming weeks.

For more on how to create your perfect space, see the last piece on our journal where we interview interior stylist Melissa Chatfield for her top tips. 

  1. Set boundaries with yourself and the people you live with

Set out clear work-times and break-times and stick to these. If a friend reaches out while you are in work mode, simply ask to call them back. This helps makes you feel a lot more accomplished at the end of the day and more productive during the day. Try to be clear with your fellow house-mates/family about when you need to be left alone and when you are free. You may even find it handy to log out of your social media to help to turn off from unrelated temptations. 

  1. Working from home with kids

If you’re trying to juggle home learning with working, it’s absolutely going to be a challenge… doing the best we can for our kids, being fair to our workplaces and most importantly, being kind to ourselves is a lot.  The next few months will definitely be a case of progress over perfection!  No one is expected to be able to do it all to the same ability as normal life; we can only give it our best and please, don’t be too hard on yourself.

  1. Routine

Before you start your workday, whether it’s the night before or the morning of set up your schedule. Fit in and make an effort to take your breaks away from your desk. You might try to fit in a workout which can replace time that you spent commuting. Who needs a personal trainer when YouTube Workouts are a thing? By having a quick easy schedule for your day you can maximise your work and play time. 

  1. Be Kind to Yourself.

Embrace time away from your desk. Put the vacuum down, cleaning is a very noble form of procrastination and distraction. Being kind to yourself can also mean starting the day with a shower and putting on a work acceptable-ish outfit staying away from working in your PJs. This can help trick your mind into productivity mode and make you feel much more professional. Stick to your work hours and take your breaks but most importantly, clock off at the same time every day and distance yourself from work at the days end so that you aren’t working non-stop.

  1. Over-communicate with your colleges. 

We want to avoid feelings of loneliness and disconnection which can be a common struggle that arises during this period of isolation – especially for extroverts.

Contribute to work group-chats and if you don’t have a relaxing fun-hearted chat to message your fellow WFH colleges - create one. BE. THAT. CHANGE. Especially if you’re at a company that does not have a strong remote culture, you may need to be more proactive when it comes to nurturing relationships. A simple, “Thanks everyone, I hope you all have a lovely afternoon. Bye!” at the meetings end will go a long way.